Training troubleshooting skills with an anchored instruction module in an authentic computer based simulation environment


  • Sabine Hochholdinger Universität Konstanz, Lehrstuhl Betriebspädagogik
  • Niclas Schaper Universität Paderborn, Lehrstuhl für Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie



To improve the application and transfer of troubleshooting skills when diagnosing faults in complex automated production units, we developed and implemented an “anchored instruction“ learning module in the context of a computer based simulation environment. The effects of the instructional module were evaluated in a quasi-experimental evaluation study. During the study 42 mechatronic apprentices were trained in two parallel experimental groups with and without the anchored instruction module. We assessed success related training outcomes using measures of performance in several different transfer tasks. It could be shown that participants who trained with the anchored instruction module improved performance and strategic behavior especially in similar and new tasks in the learning environment.

Keywords: simulation based training, fault diagnosis, training evaluation, situated learning, anchored instruction