Development of competences as an integration process that is alternating in the learning venue - current considerations


  • Daniel Pittich TU Darmstadt Arbeitsbereich Technikdidaktik
  • Ralf Tenberg Technische Universität Darmstadt, Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Arbeitsbereich Technikdidaktik



This paper attempts to give an introduction of German and international theoretical starting points, findings and especially of questions in the context of a divided occupational learning. The studies of the German-speaking area can be summarized under the term of "Lernortkooperation". A glance in the international literature shows, that an integrative professional learning is not a genuine aspect of the German dual system in VET and exists in similar form in other vocational training systems. The studies/approaches of Gulie & Griffiths (2001, 2003) and Tynjälä (2009) on "Connectivity" and "Transformation“ seem to be an interesting starting point, because they take both, organizational and didactic perspectives of integrative mediation and of professional competence into account.

Keywords: German dual system, Vocational and Educational Training, Connectivity, Transformation, integrative learning.