Making the Tacit Explicit: Self-study and the Spectre of Technology Education


  • Shawn Bullock Simon Fraser University Teaching and Learning Centre (Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik)



This paper explores the challenges associated with helping future science teachers to develop professional knowledge of how to teach using digital technologies. First some of the salient literature on science teachers’ professional knowledge is reviewed. Extending the dominant concept of PCK to the realm of knowledge about technology is argued to be inherently problematic. Then a theoretical framework, grounded in professional competencies, is presented that seems to be a more useful way to think about how future science teachers learn to teach using technology. Self-study methodologies are then offered as a way for documenting and analyzing one’s own practice, before making a final case for more research that explicitly explores connections between frameworks from research in educational technology and the self-study of teacher education practices.

Keywords: professional knowledge of science teachers, self-study methodology, competency model, technology and teacher education