Editorial: 3 Years of JOTED - A Status Report from the Publisher


  • Ralf Tenberg Technische Universität Darmstadt, Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Arbeitsbereich Technikdidaktik




The Journal of Technical Education was developed in 2013 as part of a collaboration between the Universities of Stuttgart and Darmstadt, and first appeared in the fall of 2013. The starting point at that time was a comprehensive search of international journals with an emphasis in technical and vocational higher education pedagogy, for which - especially in German-speaking countries - a publication desideratum was clear: First, this search was to determine whether scientific publications were underrepresented in this subject area, and second, whether such work appeared in journals in which they constituted the core areas or on the sidelines, or in non-periodical publications (conference proceedings and anthologies, "gray" literature, ...). The central idea for JOTED was and is to create a quality platform for this transdisciplinary research area and to bundlie and communicate scientific approaches and findings while also contributing to the formation of the field’s identity. In its core alignment with technical teachng JOTED is focused on the scientific exchange of research results in the related fields of engineering and applied science education, and is aimed at academics as well as teachers. The journal aims to integrate general, vocational and academic areas of expertise in the context of technical and scientific points of reference, while didactic and sociological aspects such as psychology, history and philosophy are also embraced...